Sunday, July 6, 2008

The first day

After waiting 1.5h for the shuttle and 2.5h of driving I arrived in Balatonfüred. It is a quite touristic town. The hotel is nicely located directly on the lake and in walking distance to cafes and shops. The flair of the hotel is however from the times the Eastern Block ;-).
This afternoon after registration I took a walk with my colleague André to the town. In the evening there was the welcome dinner and what should I say:
The welcome dinner was magnificent!
Delicious local foods were available on the buffet and Gulash soup was simmering over a fire.

The whole thing took place in the garden of the hotel, right next to the lake. I sat on a table with a bunch of international people and we had funny conversations that picked up even more speed after a game - invented by Malcolm Atkinson - was distributed. We had to find people with different properties, like someone that travelled more than 5000km or someone that likes fishing and so forth. We all agreed that to find someone that has not written a computer program yet is the hardest to find ...
Now I am sitting in the lobby posting this blog, since there is no internet in the rooms and there is at least 7 people sitting around me from the summer school also with their laptops. So we are ready to get started ...

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Cristy Burne said...

Argh! I'm sorry to have missed out on what sounds like a fabulous first day! Can't wait to get there...(and by the way, unless you count drawing a bus in Logo in Grade 7, I may be a good person to go to if you want to find someone who's never written a program before ;-))
See you all soon!