Sunday, July 6, 2008

gala reception

Gala reception consisted of piles of meat of various description that I overfed myself on such that I was then unable to squeeze sufficient beer into myself to get drunk. Unfortunate. Photos are uploading at the moment. Malcolm lined up a game to make everyone like each other with various questions that you have to run round finding people who match the descriptions. I match 'has been to tokyo' 'has been to at least three ISSGCs' 'has been skydiving or bungee jumping'. There was some debate about whether I match on 'has blue eyes'. Someone at my table for dinner commented 'you know you are with geeks when they are talking about compiler errors on the next table'. I immediately steered the topic to the issue of deployment of 802.11 wireless networking protocols for low cost satellites. In amongst my drinking of bacardi on the bus and drinking of beer and locally produced white wine (I wanted red, but was surprised to be addressed in german rather than hungarian or english and failed to respond correctly to interrogation), I've actually managed to get a feature mostly working in Swift that I've been puzzling over for a couple of weeks. Pleasing for a weekend day that I've also crossed the continent on. Turns out locking me in a stuffy bus is a way to catalyse productivity. Photo upload becomes noticeably faster as more people drift off to bed from the post-gala hotel lobby couch hacking session.

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