Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday night ...

Yesterday (Friday) it was very late, that's why I did not get the chance to write a blog entry.

So yesterday we had the gLite session. That went well. Afterwards there was the talk of Vincent Breton, which was very good and I have to agree with Christina (who blogged alread in more detail about it) that it is good to see that indeed Grid can revolutionise science.

In the evening we were planning to go to a Jazz Festival that was here in town. It turned out not to be too great, so we ended up in a bar next to it, playing "Mafia" and learning all kind of card tricks. On the way back we kind of lost our way and ended up in a disco, apparently the same that Ben discovered recently...

So I guess everybody is really looking forward to a relaxed afternoon today. The Flamingo group will of course enjoy their win: A one hour trip with a pedal boat.

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