Friday, July 11, 2008

Research Achievements in Biomedicine using gLite

Today, after the practical in gLite, we had a presentation by Vincent Breton about some applications that are using the EGEE infrastructure and gLite.
I have to say that it's been my favourite non-technical talk so far. It is so good to see that all the work that is being done in grid computing can be used for real problems!
Since I started working in Grid computing I've obviously heard about projects that actually use the grid, for instance the LHC experiments, but the details have always been very vague (at least for a non physics person)... Today I got a proper explanation with the right amount of detail and explained with words that I could understand.

Another thing I liked about the presentation is that some of the statistics about the use of the grid by the biomed VO were taken from the EGEE Accounting Portal, which is part of the project I'm working on. It is very motivating to see that the work you do is actually used by people out there!!!

Now we will have the last session of the day, I have the feeling that we won't all be there...

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