Thursday, July 10, 2008

Globus and Flamingos

Today we had a really nice talk of BenC (pic below). Thanks Ben (who is looking over my shoulder at the moment, so I have to say that)!!!!

No seriously the talk was good and the exercises worked as well.
Then we had a video talk which was kind of boring unfortunately, maybe due to the fact that the connection was bad and everybody was tired already.

But most importantly today was the treasure hunt. We had to run all over Balatonfüred (thanks Ben for reminding me that I have an 'ü' on my keyboard) and find the clues.

We did this in our group ( I am in the Flamingo group). It was a lot of fun and we got to know our team mates better. I was mainly walking around with Mai from Egypt and Alex from Russia. My team found all clues and deciphered almost all of them except the last, which we also had one second after we handed it in. And ... we won (we just missed 3 points, damn). We won chocolate and two bottles of wine and enjoyed the evening as winners...

Good team effort! Thanks Alina, Alex, André, Rob, Mai, Valeria. I am looking forward to the other competions next week now. Hopefully we will win as well...

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