Friday, July 4, 2008

Introducing myself

Hello everyone,

My name is Alain Roy, and I will blog about my experiences at the International Summer School on Grid Computing 2008.

I am both a tutor for Condor, and a member of the Program Committee. I'll arrive at the school on Tuesday, July 8th and stay until the end of the school. This is my fourth year working with the grid school.

My background: I've been working with the Condor Project since 2001, and I am currently the Open Science Grid Software Coordinator. I was part of the Grid2003 project before Open Science Grid. Before I joined Condor, I was a graduate student with the Globus Project.

I love the school. Not only do I get to travel to an interesting part of the world, but I get to meet and hang out with all sorts of smart people. The students and lecturers come from diverse backgrounds (occupationally and culturally), and it's always a pleasure to get to know them. The students ask good, hard questions, and they try to learn a lot while they are at the school. What a great environment!

I'll try to blog regularly once I arrive at the school.

If you're at the school and want to start a conversation with me, but you don't know what to ask, ask me about our snow this past winter, or the flooding near our house this summer, the easiest way to bake bread at home, or the most beautiful children in the world.

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