Friday, July 4, 2008

woo woo second post.

So Alain beat me to the first ISSGC08 post. So sad. When he says: I get to meet and hang out with all sorts of smart people he of course means me.

Mostly I'm going to be working as an instructor on the Globus portions of ISSGC08, along with my colleague Martin Feller from Argonne National Laboratory in the US, though I will be around for the entire school, not just the Globus sessions.

Another colleague, Alina Bejan, the Open Science Grid training co-ordinator, will also be there. She is in charge of a bunch of other grid workshops based in and around the US.

I've been to a couple of ISSGCs before - once in Vico Equense near Pompei about 5 years ago, and last year in the countryside near Stockholm.

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