Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Poster Contest: My (humble) Recommendations

This afternoon...

From 16:00 to 20:00...

65 posters...

65 colleagues showing us their latest Research/Engineering achievements...

Only one (maybe more) may win!

Inside your badge holder you'll find a little card where to write the number of the poster you think should win the contest. Do you think I'm going to tell you who should you write? Totally wrong! This is independent media! I will only recommend you a pair of poster that you should pay a visit:

FAFNER2: adaptation of a code for estimating NBI heating of fusion plasmas on the Grid
(Mr. Manuel Rodríguez, Dr. José Guasp, Dr. Francisco Castejón, Dr. Rafael Mayo)

Manuel will explain you how they took a Fusion Physics application called FAFNER2, which simulates particle trajectories inside the reactor using a proprietary MPI library in a 64 bits MIPS SGI cluster, and ported it to different architectures. These architectures were a x86 32 bits cluster and of course, the Grid (using the GridWay Metascheduler).

OpenNEbula: The open source virtual machine manager for cluster and grid computing
(Dr. Ignacio M. Llorente, Dr. Rubén S. Montero, Mr. Tino Vázquez, Mr. Javier Fontán)

Javier will show you the results of our Research Group latest Research line: OpenNebula, which transforms a physical infrastructure into a virtual infrastructure by dynamically overlaying VMs over physical resources. The poster will be complemented by a live demo, just ask Javier for that!

Best of luck to everyone! May the best poster win!

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