Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's going on at Demo Booth 11?

Nearby the Ataturk and Barbaros Hall B (2nd. Floor) you'll find Demo Booth 11. There, you'll see that Grid Computing doesn't only multiply available resources... in fact, Demo Booth 11 is a Multi-demo Booth!

If you pay us a visit, we'll explain you many things about the EGEE Application Porting Support Group. For instance, that it's composed by 7 institutions (MTA Sztaki, UCM, INFN, CEA, CSIC, ASGC and UNIMELB), that our goal is to make EGEE users' life easier when bringing their applications to the EGEE infrastructure, that we are providing users the best support with application porting technologies, not only because we use them but because we actually develop them (P-Grade and the GridWay Metascheduler)...

Theory is OK, but this is a Demo Booth, right? Actually, we have chosen 3 ported applications on production state (this is why I said Multi-demo before) and they will be shown to interested visitors.

One of the demos is given by me. I'll explain you how we ported using the GridWay Metascheduler a Bioinformatics application called CD-HIT (porposed by the Spanish National Cancer Centre), wich implements a particular workflow (don't panic! I brough a poster ;-D). Then you'll actually watch it running on the EGEE infrastructure at real time!

If "An image is worth one thousand words", "A Demo is worth 1 TeraByte".

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