Tuesday, September 23, 2008

EGEE & Business: Opening Plenary

The Business Track is proving to be a valuable source of information on the latest trends in distributed computing, bringing perspectives from EGEE, analysts, SMEs, research and associations championing grids and related technologies.

The Track kicked off yesterday afternoon with an overview of EGEE and Business, explaining the strengths (and weaknesses!) of gLite for uptake by businesses. Erwin Laure, Technical Director of EGEE, explained how businesses can come on board, showcasing achievements and announcing two new business associates, Constellation Technologies (UK) and Linalis (Switzerland).
Charles Brett from Forrester brought into into how grids and clouds could be combined to create Ultra Modelling Computing (UMC - just a concept for now), which is like a cloud but that deployed within an enterprise. The main driver is to optimise ever-increasing costs and build a system that is both dynamic and scalable. Brett highlighted some of the reservations concerning clouds and explained that some of the problems are not immediately obvious.
David Sinclair from Imense, a small company from Cambridge (UK) told the audience how grid has served as a catalyst to develop their image retrieval technology. Funding from various UK sources and work with EGEE has helped the company level the playing field and turn an idea into a business. Imense use gLite and Ganga and have been supported by Cambridge University and GridPP. The good news is - they continue to see grid as an important tool for enabling their business as the number of images on google increases.

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