Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Cocktail

Fantastic, just fantastic. That would describe the ambient at the Military Museum's gardens tonight. A welcome cocktail is the perfect way to close the first day of a congress. You know, after meeting all your colleagues, there's always need to sit and talk about a lot of things... and here is were interesting sessions appear, delaying any chance of long conversation. Again, today's cocktail was fantastic, not only because it was outside and the weather was perfect, but also because a well balanced choice of drinks and appetizers and of course, a lovely color illuminated fountain!

Congratulations for the idea, and the timing of the waiters... even if one of them arriving with a tray was literally assaulted by a group of 5 or 6 colleagues. I don't blame them, meat sticks were really tasty!

However, my "2 Euro cents":
Music was missing! The genre that I would chose is definitely Lounge, and in particular Thievery Corporation, that uses a lot of oriental rhythms in their latest albums.

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