Thursday, September 25, 2008

EGEE08's Loving (and Fancy) Memories


I have reviewed all the photos I took during the week until now and here I'm sharing the most particular ones. This is a kind of Bonus Post so please enjoy it ;-)!

"Veterans and Paraolimpics: Epic today and yesterday."
"Everything working fine, mate?"
"Dikkat! Salvador Dalí is here!"
"Who gave the first funds to the EGEE Project?"
"RESPECT PEDESTRIANS! They are stronger!"
"Cat-Cluster-CE is draining... Cat Chow"
"Warden on duty?"
"Istanbul Fashion Week"
"We are not at San Francisco, aren't we?"
"Nor we are at Spain (Good siesta at the 2nd. Floor?)."
"In the beginning there was man. Man created the machines, and he saw they were good..."
"Latest Military Museum Linux Distribution"
"He rings a bell in me"
"Istanbul is not a city for lazy cats... they even sell watches!"
"Explaining what Cloud Computing is (Part 1 of 2)"
"After explaining what Cloud Computing is (Part 2 of 2)"


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