Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hoşçakal Istanbul!

Unfortunately, this is my last day at the Conference.

I wanted to write a post for thanking many people. Of course, you are one of them, GridCast faithful reader. Thanks for following everything that happened at EGEE08 from here. I really hope you enjoyed these chronicles coming from "Grid People", taking information and entertainment as an objective.

Also, I would like you to notice all the efforts taken by the media during this Event. You were served not only with blog entries, but also with podcasts! There's a lot of work behind the GridTalk Project! So, this post is also a tribute to Catherine, Danielle, Gillian, Stephanie, John Charles, Sy, Christy and Corentin. I need to express my appreciation for their incredible work during this week and my gratitude for letting me become (once again) part of the GridCast adventure.

All the best,

José Luis

UPDATE: There are rumors that indicate that there will be a special and mysterious post near midnight...


Cristy Burne said...

Thank YOU Jose, for your numerous, informative and often hilarious posts. It's been great reading you!!


corentin chevalier said...

Yes, Thank you José, your posts were so nice, interesting, helpful... You could blog with us at anytime you want !!!!