Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gala-ta Dinner!

Even if we had the Gala Dinner far (but not too far) from Galata bridge, I confess I wanted to do that wordplay :-).

However, there was another bridge, a very important one, that which gives meaning to the word EurAsia. So beautiful, illuminated with colored lights changing every few minutes... the welcome drink couldn't be at a better place.

The halls were we were dinning had a loft-style to me. Taking that traditional building as the base, crystal walls provided that classy touch that a Gala Dinner deserves. The dishes were a fantastic combination of traditional and nouvelle cuisine.

During the dinner, Dr. "Big Boss" Jones gave us a superb speech showing his great sense of humor and then, an emotive moment came. Dr. Erwin Laure is leaving EGEE and he wanted to thank all the people that all of this happened... Farewell, Dr. Laure!

And tomorrow, last day at EGEE08... for me :-(.


Cristy Burne said...

This was a truly fabulous dinner and location! Hats off indeed to the organising committee for an unforgettable evening!

Cristy Burne said...

And excellent pun, BTW, Jose!

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Thank you Cristy! Definitely, it was great Gala Dinner, rising the standards EGEE Conference after EGEE Conference.

And BTW... I have to say that the "Female GridCast Section" was very elegant and glamorous yesterday (my Italian half speaking now)!