Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Half way through

Seems to have been a little quiet on here today which demonstrates just how interesting the sessions here are!

My day started off with being filmed for a podcast for this blog so hopefully you should be able to see me soon. I talked about my role with the NGS and what the service provides for UK academics. It took 2 attempts as I wasn't quite sure what to say the first time round! It had to be the day that I'm losing my voice as well. I seem to be coming down with some sort of cold and I've no idea what the Turkish is for "throat lozenges"... HopefullyI will still have some voice left in order to chair my session tomorrow.

This afternoon I sat in on the "Scientific data infrastructure ecosystem" session which was very interesting. Some good examples in there of how users actually use the grid. There was also a good point made between "usable" and "useful" as the two are not the same, especially not in grid computing! Something may be usable at a push but if it's not useful to people they won't use it no matter how usable it actually is. This is where we get back to the issue of listening to what potential users actually want.

Right I'm off back to the hotel so I don't have to take my laptop to the conference dinner with me. I'm at a table with 11 others from the UKI so it should be a good night!

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Silent|Storm said...

"Throat lozgene" is called "pastil" in Turkish btw :)