Monday, September 22, 2008

Let the EGEE08 begin!

Liftoff! The EGEE08 Conference is up and running! What astonished me was that the Event is allocated at a Military Museum. Cannons, an airplane and all chances of security means received us this morning. The building is very elegant, making our stay to be a great experience. Badges, documentation and that present included in the welcome bag are fantastic too.

For me, EGEE08 is not only about talks, demos and posters. It's about meeting once more my “Grid Family”. As I explained last year, they are colleagues that I only have the possibility to meet during this events. You know, it starts with a: “Hi! Long time we don't see! Probably it was XXXX0[0-8]” and goes on with something like: “Everything fine?... What about that paper/project you published with ZZZZ?... Is your family alright?... I heard that ZZZZ...”. If there's a Turkish proverb that says “A cup of coffee brings 40 years of friendship”, I would say “An EGEE event brings more than 500 friends together”. It's already midday and I haven't met everybody I know from EGEE, maybe tomorrow...

Anyway, my HQ this event is located at Demo Booth 11, owned by the Application Porting Support Group. There, you'll see tomorrow a demo of how applications can be ported onto the Grid with technologies like P-Grade and the GridWay Metascheduler. If you want to come and share impressions, you're of course welcome!


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