Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Art Of Balance

Halfway (or so) through the day, some very interesting demos so far, the EDGeS one was very interesting will be talking to them later in the year about some work we need done at QMUL.

Went through my photos from yesterday, they weren't the Mae West (I'm still learning) but have selected a few and using Flickr Uploadr to send them to Flickr now. They should appear here very soon. It seems to be spitting the dummy a bit when sending though, will keep trying.

Being on the stand is quite interesting, you get to meet and talk to a great range of people from Grid experts to social scientists (oh yeah have to send some of the work Pegasus have done on GridPP to him later in the week).

I have to do some video podcasts but it has been pretty hectic (don't worry I will get them done). As I said earlier we are a bit hidden away but our sister(?) project EGI is buried in some (almost) secret location in the bowels of the convention centre. Freebies have slightly improved as the foam finger flyers NASA (apparently) had last year are on a different stand this year and look like eye-endangering fun.

Right EGI and NGS are given demos on the stand better go back and make sure they know what they are doing. If you're around come up and have a chat and learn about EGEE.

Later days,

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