Tuesday, November 18, 2008

credit crunching freebies

Well we're finally here at SC08. Our worries about getting our freebies into the states were unfounded - a very nice customs man waved us through and we made our connecting flight to Austin and to SC. Austin is a pleasant change from Reno, last year's venue. And its 25 degrees and sunny!

SC08 exhibition is remarkably like SC07 exhibition - when I walked in on the first day it felt just like I'd stepped back a year. Austin Convention Centre is a huge conference centre and the exhibition is in a number vast halls with over efficient air con and no natural daylight. But the stands are impressive - this is no ordinary exhibition! EGEE has done well on a budget and plenty of people have been over to talk to us. And the 300 t-shirts the NGS brought over are going down a treat. That's a relief because there's no way I'm re-importing them into the UK!

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