Friday, November 14, 2008

Movin' right along

Just finished packing for Supercomputing '08, this is my first SC and I haven't been in the states in over 7 years now so looking forward to it. I think I have all the essentials for the flight; my DS Lite (with Professor Layton and the Curious village), GameBoy Micro (with Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past), some videos (this week's The Daily Show and Colbert Report), a few magazines (last two issues of New Scientist and will pick up the latest GamesTM) and of course my MP3 player. I decided against bringing my DS Phat, Gameboy color or original Gameboy, that'd have been overkill.

My posts on this blog will be to try and give an exhibitor's eye view of the conference so I have my camera with me and will keep my Flickr updated with pictures from the floor. I'll tag them Supercomputing08, if you're attending and taking photos tag them the same and I will pick the best to be featured here. I was thinking of using just SC08 but that is already being used by other things. I'll also be twittering and using the the #SC08 tag so keep an eye on that too for musings from me and others.

I'm running the video podcasts from the conference so will be posting those as I get them edited and online and as practise I'm posting the inspiration for this post's title (I love this song and movie)

I hope to keep the titles of my post as song names (except maybe the video podcasts) but I won't think I'll be posting videos for all of them don't worry. Any comments leave them below or come see me on EGEE booth (#588). EGEE may even have an iPod up for grabs in a raffle.

Right I have an early flight tomorrow better finish preparing for it (i.e. sleeping).

Later days,
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Cristy Burne said...

Love this clip! Perhaps you could do the SC08 podcasts in song?

Can't wait to hear how it all goes :-)