Monday, January 19, 2009

Cloudscape Conclusions: Challenges Today

Cloudscape Mini Report - Challenges Today

Management, Policies & Standards – quantifying the costs & potential benefits of cloud computing. The most expensive part is managing the data centre!

Policies for Data Centres There's a real real need to understand policies on data centres. Cloud providers are going to have a problem knowing which server is contributing to which infrastructure.

Open Standards are very important for interoperability & there is no interoperability on clouds, so this is where users have to drive the standardisation efforts in clouds.

SMEs look at cost effectiveness & the infrastructure that is available to them. Policy & standards are not important to start-ups but they are important for the Standards & Policy arena to avoid vendor lock-in by users – who together with the market are key players in cloud computing.

Freedom - What is the freedom of choice? EC2 Amazon is the de facto standard – if you want to move to other cloud providers you cannot do it as there is no transparent moving between cloud providers!

Scalability - how do you move existing software packages from an internal centre into a cloud industry. Nobody used to think about the need of scaling out. This is no longer the case & this is a challenge for industry.

Legal issues & taxation data are different across borders.

Network bandwidth Obstacles - Today there is a fixed bandwidth rather than a dynamic bandwidth to reduce costs. It is not feasible to get on-demand bandwidth. This is the issue for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to set standards. The challenge is how to pay for bandwidth just for a limited amount of time or at least the amount of time you need it for (creating a network on demand) to achieve reductions in the service.

Cloud Phenomena
is happening now & not 3 years ago due to a faster & broadband phenomena & faster access to the network.

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