Monday, January 19, 2009

Cloudscape Conclusions: Topics in 2014

Cloudscape Mini Report - Back to the Future!
What will be the main topics of discussion in five years from now?

11 key predictions
  1. We will still be wrestling with regulatory issues, policy, compliance & security!
  2. When informing governments on the most important regulations, we should focus on regulatory standards.
  3. Carbon Issues!
  4. More control over the network! Regulatory issues are key to avoid "cloud wars".
  5. Complexities of large-scale distributed computing - they will be more network centric!
  6. Protecting information, unless we tackle compliance issues.
  7. Transferring simple jobs to complex existing applications & thinking of redesigning everything to move to the cloud, something IT departments are not keen on.
  8. Scale-out & Efficiency - somebody will have to redesign the application.
  9. Scaleability - Being able to be scaleable with multi-core machines or architectural machines.
  10. Industry-led standards: we set the standards that have been set by industry. Working in a reactive way.
  11. Continued discussions on the EC's Code of Conduct on Data Centres.

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