Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Networking Event after the Networking Event

Yesterday's night official Networking Event was too short for us. It was perfect for establishing contacts, specially if we consider that during the past days the all of us were too busy with our talks/demos. In fact, I could say "hello" for the first time this week to several persons.

Because of the heavy rain (let's think that the thunders we heard were not coming from Etna), we decided to move to Niesky again, where we knew there would be much space for all of us. This time, and thanks to the Official Networking Event, there were more countries represented.

If there's something like an EGEE League, we wanted to create our particular league... through the table football!

So we had our particular Spain Vs. Italy (EGEE Internal Championship)...
... Brazil Vs. Spain (EGEE-EELA World Championship)... ... and Spain Vs. Brazil (EGEE-EELA World Championship, again).
Guess who won? Friendship! Many people is only considering EGEE's scientific achievements, but this project is also providing colleagues and friends.

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