Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barcelona's Night Fever: Expansion Pack #1

Good morning everyone! Here I'm continuing the proposed Trivia where you have to identify interesting night hideouts in Barcelona.

This time, I'll give you a better hint of where the following two places are located. It's Plaza George Orwell but people here to refer to it with a different and funny name (ask for it, I'm not going to tell you as this is part of the game).

Music: The Doors and different sorts of Indie Rock.
Music: Hotel Costes and related Lounge Tunes.

If you ever happen to hang out in these two places (specially in the second retromodern one), take for sure you'll enjoy a great environment.


Rosa M. Badia said...

I do not find my colleague, and therefore I can not send you the address of her bar. However, have you been in the Moog? (C/ Arc Del Teatre 3).

Rosa M. Badia said...

Finally! Bar 68, in Sant Pau 68. Take the camera, so you can take a picture of the lights :-D

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Thank you very much for the geolocations, Rosa!

Let's see if tonight we can make it. We'll show our EGEE09 badge there just in case they offer us some free drinks :-).