Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conference bag: Find the GAP postcard and give your input!

In future blogs I will be telling you more about the Gender Action Plan (GAP) of the EGEE project: what it's all about, why it came about and why it is not all about women getting in a tizzy about equality! (as so many people unfortunately seem to think). I will explain the European Commission's stance and how this all fits into our Grid Computing project. In the meantime, when you take possession of your conference bag at registration at the EGEE'09 conference, look out for the GAP postcard in your bag (the image on the left is a hint as to what to look for) and give your feedback on the matter. We know full well we're not going to solve the issue in our project's lifetime, but each and every one of us can make suggestions and give their opinion on the matter, to show the EC in our project GAP reports that over and above getting a computing grid to work seamlessly on such a large scientific scale, we also take other matters into consideration :-)
Counting on you to think the matter over and provide your feedback in large numbers - dedicated boxes will be made available at the conference for your to return your pearls of wisdom.
See you soon with more "meat" on the subject.....

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José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

I wonder why... the shape on the postcard looks familiar to me ;-).