Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just arrived to Barcelona!

Greetings from my hotel room! The journey to Barcelona was quite fast and not only because this time the EGEE Conference is in my same country but also because we used the AVE (Spanish high speed railway) as a mean of transport. Reaching a speed of almost 300Km/h, our train spent only 2h 40' for covering the distance between Madrid and Barcelona: 659Km. Wow!

In just 15 minutes we had our luggage in our rooms and asked the receptionist for a good place to have dinner. My Italian half decided that the Italian restaurant located at Gran Vía, 596, called "Antico Carro" could be a good choice. It was an "epic win" as dishes were great and owners, apart of being Italian (that's a Quality Assurance :-D) were more than friendly. Our recommendations here are: A starter composed by different Bruschette, then a Pizza with Tuscany homemade oil and... a very special dessert designed by one of the waiters which contains a mix of chocolate and chilli (a "must try", believe me).

Besides the great dinner we had, I think it was a great idea to combine the Italian taste from the last EGEE User Forum and the actual EGEE Conference.

And in a few hours... Tutorial time!

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