Monday, September 21, 2009

Lunch time logistics

Day one of the conference has been extremely active, lots of coffee consumed, piles of cakes eaten, plates scraped clean at lunchtime. Barcelona is already in the running for the EGEE prize for the most attractively-presented conference food.

Of course, much as we would all love to give the high quality food the leisurely attention that it deserves, we all have to use our break times for networking and of course watching the demos. So the organisers are going to look at ways to bring the food to us even quicker for future lunchtimes this week- expect to see your starter waiting for you tomorrow!

This should give us all more time to visit the demo booths and examine the many posters - more than at any other EGEE meeting. You should also have received your own personalised email invitation to vote for the best demo and best poster, so don't forget to click through to the link and make your vote count!

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Anonymous said...

YUM!! Looks amazing Catherine...have some for me please!