Monday, September 21, 2009

Parallel Lines: Afternoon Sessions

This afternoon has been a busy one for our Research Group.

Firstly, the Fusion Session. Alejandro and I, as explained in a previous post, showed the Fusion Community the new tools developed inside the Google Summer of Code. It was interesting to see that even if EGEE is ending, there's much interest in continuing to work on Grid, as this Research Area offers many computational challenges.

Then, the Clouds and Grids Session (referred by another previous post). There was a brilliant discussion with many points of view. Clouds are here for collaborating with Grids and benefits are many ("Clouds are not your enemy, Grid supporter!"). As it was an open discussion, I think that attendees had their curiosity satisfied.

And now... Welcome Cocktail time!

Very Important Notice: There's a list for reserving your table and seat at the Gala Dinner. Look for it ASAP!!!

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corentin chevalier said...

Have an happy cocktail time everybody!
And enjoy Barcelona...