Monday, September 21, 2009

Made it... +1

A long day so far. Slept in until 5:09 AM (GMT +2) and made it to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in time to catch catch the 6:40 Flight to Copenhagen. Once boarded, I had that feeling of deja vu one gets when one sites on a plane for more that a few minutes after the stewardesses have counted the passengers and "Boarding completed" has been announced over the PA. The pilot starts to speak on the PA. "We have a technical problem with the auxiliary power unit and are waiting for a technician from the ground crew to have a look at it. Sorry for the delay". Of course in Copenhagen, I have 60 minutes to change to my flight to Barcelona we are already 15 minutes late. Maybe I'll make it and the airline delivers my luggage to the hotel. :-) 5 minutes pass and the pilot come on the PA again, introduces the copilot who and tells us the the problem with the APU has been corrected but the Paperwork for the plane's load is missing so we will still need to wait. Eventually, the stewardess In the end we left about 35 minutes late.

On the Copenhagen-Barcelona flight I had the good fortune to run into Dr. Balázs Kónya, the Technical Coordinater of the KnowARC projects and one of the "core group" of Nordugrid ARC developers. It was nice to have some company on the trip from the airport to the conference venue.

Have also managed to do some catching up with Kalle Happonen from HIP @ CERN and Jan Meijer from Uninett, Licia Florio from TERENA with regards to SLCS, MICS and TERENA related stuff on which I will try to elaborate on in a future post.

photo by Kalle Happonen.

In no particular order, what am I interested in finding out about here at EGEE'09...
  • Clouds
  • National Grid Initiatives
  • Grid Security
  • AAI (a la SLCS, MICS)
  • EGI...
And now off to cocktails.

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