Monday, March 15, 2010

Call for participation: SC-Camp 2010

In times of ecologist reflections and the role of the technology in sustainable development, Supercomputing and Distributed Systems Camp (SC-Camp) proposes to join together education, technology, science and nature.

SC-Camp is an initiative of researchers which offers undergraduate and master students cutting-edge knowledge on High Performance and Distributed Computing topics. It is a non-profit event, open to every student including who need financial assistance.
Taking advantage of the Internet and high speed networks available today, one can exploit high performance computing infrastructures from anywhere, even located in the middle of the nature. SC-Camp is inspired by this idea, and proposes a SuperComputing summer school in a natural environment.

The SC-Camp 2010 is a 8 days summer school, starting on 15th August 2010, composed of 6 days of scientific sessions, 1 leisure day with an organized activity (for example, hiking or rafting) and 1 day for a parallel programming contest.
This year the event will take place in South America on the Andes mountains. The camp spot is next to the Villa de San Carlos de Pie de la Cuesta (for short Piedecuesta) in Colombia. This city located in Santander department is very close to the Chicamocha canon being known by its rich flora/fauna and its proximity of the historical city of Villa de los Caballeros de San Juan de Giron.

The SC-Camp summer school will provide lectures and practical sessions on the following topics:

- Parallel Programming
- SMP Programming
- Distributed Systems
- Cluster Computing
- Grid Computing
- Cloud Computing
- Volunteer Computing
- Resource/Job Management & Scheduling
- Virtualisation
- Green Computing
- Performance Evaluation

Access to learn more about the event.

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