Monday, March 8, 2010

GridTalk team (almost) complete, ready for ISGC 2010!

After many hours in plane, we are here to blog live from ISGC 2010.
You will be able to follow this event like if you were in Taipei with us, or in any case we will try hard to make this possible.

A part of GridTalk team here in Taipei, ready to blog!

For those who wants to put some photos on our blog, they could upload it in Flickr and tag with "ISGC-2010".

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Dan Drollette said...

I just found out what the Chinese words mean on the picture on the wall behind the group photo: "Of all the merits of human endeavors none is higher than setting the highest standard of virtue, followed by selfless contribution and service to mankind, then a devotion to teaching and writing. These three are the everlasting truth."