Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mitigating disasters at ISGC2010

The GridTalk team have all safely arrived in Taipei for ISGC2010 and we're all looking forward to the week ahead which seems like it's going to be packed full of interesting sessions, fruitful discussions, and, if today's anything to go by, a lot of tea!

The ISGC symposium proper only starts on Tuesday but there have already been a lot of successful workshops and meetings in these preceeding days, covering topics from social simulation to security.

Today I sat in on the Disaster Mitigation workshop which discussed ways researchers in Asia are studying earthquakes so they can be better prepared when one strikes. Given the recent events in Chile, and as there was an earthquake in Southern Taiwan just three days ago on Thursday, it's a very topical subject.

I talked to some of Academia Sinica's Professors who work in this area about their hopes for better ways to prepare for these events. They're working to collaborate with other countries around the South China Sea area - Vietnam, the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia - so that they can build a better understanding of the activity in this region. Ultimately this will help when building structures designed to withstand earthquakes, hazard systems and help to educate the people living in hazardous areas.

I'm afraid this is a very potted summary as it's rather late here. But I shall be reporting more on this subject in the very near future so stay tuned for more details!

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