Friday, April 9, 2010

So what are you doing at the User Forum?

So you're at the EGEE user forum and you're following the blog (well you should be, you're reading this), but how can you get involved?

Obviously you can leave some comments on the posts here but you can also use some other social networking tools. On twitter? Well EGEE is and you can join in the conversation by using the hashtag #egee. We'll be keeping an eye on tweets and will be displaying them at the conference. Keep it civil :-D.

However we also want to see what you're up to and EGEE will be posting pictures to Flickr throughout the week and if you're on Flickr (or even Picasa) tag your photos with EGEEUF10 and we'll be running them here on the blog and alongside the tweets on the EGEE stand.

Look forward to seeing you all in Uppsala and especially the photos (there are always some interesting ones from the bars).

Later days,


Danielle Venton said...

Me, I'd like to walk to Gamla Uppsala this afternoon.

corentin chevalier said...

Could be a great idea ;)