Friday, April 9, 2010

Bring a coat...

The weather seems to be a big issue for the 5th EGEE User Forum delegates. It is with some amuseent that I have once again answered the questions "What should I bring in terms of clothers... Will there be snow in Uppsala"? According to the last report the snow has just melted and the Swedish meteorologists event promise some sun next week. This is fantastic news as it is the first spring sun that brings all hibernating Swedish bears to hit the town... You may even come accross some of them at one of the gas-heated terraces, their faces turned towards the sun, having a drink, or even courageously eating ice-cream. However, I still recommend all non Scandinavians to bring your winter coats and to avoid any ice-cream eating outside. :-)

I wish you all a safe trip, see you in Uppsala!

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brusisceddu said...

Good to know, I don't trust anybody that eats ice cream unless it's 25 degrees. Just to be safe, I'm bringing 2 coats !