Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uppsala sight seeing to do list

If, just like me, you arrived in town, welcomed by the sun, and are wondering what you should see, here is a list of ideas. Tell me if you've spotted anything else! Looking forward to seeing you all this week. -DV

Uppsala Cathedral, Scandanavia’s largest and most historic.
Featuring: Elaborate Gothic interior (begun 1287, completed 1453) and the tombs of King Gustav Vasa (died 1560) and Linnaeus (died 1778).
Hours: Sun–Fri: 8 am–6 pm, Sat 10 am–6 pm; no admission charge
Where: Near the conference venue, see map

Botanical and Linnaeus gardens, Sweden's oldest botanical gardens, favoured stopping grounds of Carl Linnaeus
Featuring: Approximately 1,300 plant species, extensive grounds, an orangery, tropical green house and the one-time home of Linnaeus.
Hours/admission: several opening times and admission types available, visit:
Where: Uphill from the university, near the Castle

Gustavianum, the University’s oldest surviving building, now a museum.
Featuring: An anatomy theatre for dissections (on the roof!), mummified cats, alligators and the Augsburg Art Cabinet. This “Cabinet of curiosities” was considered an ‘eigth wonder of the world’ by some in its day. It holds over a thousand objects.
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11 am—4 pm; Addmission 40 SEK, on Saturdays and Sundays at 1 pm a guided tour in English is included in the entry fee
Where: Across the street from the Cathedral

Uppsala Castle
Featuring: A pink-toned fortress, begun by King Gustav Vasa (whose grave is in the Cathedral) and art exhibits from the university's collection.
Hours: Not open currently

Gamla Uppsala, prehistoric site, seat of rule for the pagan Swedish kings (Yngling dynasty)
Featuring: Nine large royal burial mounds, nice cafe.
Where: Bus ride from downtown, go to bus stop at Vaksalagatn 7-13 (near the main square Storatorget), take bus 2 or 110 marked Gamla Uppsala to the last stop, 20 SEK, runs every 40 min, allow 2-3 hours total for a visit
Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 4 pm; 50 SEK

Carolina Rediviva, University Library
Featuring: A treasury of old books, including a sixth-century bible, penned in silver ink in the now extinct Gothic language
Where: Between the University and the Castle
Hours: 9 am—8 pm, free

Uppland Musuem, regional history museum
Featuring: Prehistoric artefacts and folk art
Where: Near the Cathedral, on the river
Hours: Tue—Sun 12—5 pm, free


a.j. said...


Carl von Linneaus died 1778, not 1178.

Danielle Venton said...

Whoops! Thanks for the catch -- it's quite a trick to die before you're born, isn't it? :-)