Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CLCAR 2010 Last News..

CLCAR Call For Papers News:

The deadlines for full paper submission have been extended. Now there is a deadline for entering the abstract and title of the paper on the submission system and another one for the submission of the paper itself. Check the new dates in our important dates page:

Speakers News:

Florencio I. Ultreras, Executive Director of CLARA, the Latin American Cooperation of Research Networks (Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas), will be in CLCAR 2010 with the talk:

"RedCLARA2: Towards an Optical Research and Education Network in Latin America"

We present the advances in the development of a new generation research and education network in Latin America. The new network that is being deployed will be mostly formed by Optical Wavelengths on top of which the NRENs will be connected thru Layer 2 VLANs and Switched VLANs services will be provided end to end. This network is being funded by the ALICE2 Project and the Latin American NRENs.

Confirmed invited speaker are in :

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