Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HG2010 impressions

It is HG2010's last day and here are my impressions so far:

Apart from NGI and big projects presentations I got insights on medical images processing, (syntactic and semantic) interoperability of services, ontologies and workflow engines.

I particularly liked the discussions between presentations, e.g. what is a proper definition of provenance (record an algorithm or data authentication) or how well anonymization works, can you fully de-identify personal data from data used in research? This is a subject which I am interested as well so I look forward to the next HG conference or maybe comments here.

UPDATE: I just saw Tony Solomonides' presentation on an ontology for interpreting EU Directives on data protection and this could be an excellent solution to share data for research.

Lastly, I enjoyed the user view on the future grids given by Dagmar Krefting representing the German LS community, especially the statement that "Life Sciences communities want to use infrastructure for research rather than do research on the infrastructure." This point was reinforced in other presentations and should be the spirit of future projects.

Here is a picture of Dagmar enthusiasm during her presentation.

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