Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Presentation of posters at the HealthGrid 2010

In the last Session, before the Gala Dinner yesterday at Relais des Chartreux Restaurant, the authors got the opportunity to present their posters.

We heard about many interesting topics regarding applications, accessibility, biomedicine and knowledge management.

Each contributor was given the opportunity to promote their poster in a 3-minute speech in the autitorium and encourage the audience to meet at the poster for further information.

I presented my poster about the "Development of an Information Platform for New Grid Users in the Biomedical Field". I analyzed existing biomedical projects and the problems of new grid users in order to provide them an information and learning platform. The platform offers german scientists the ability to get information about getting a grid certificate and joining a VO.

Graham Billiau and team addressed the problem of inefficiency in health systems which leads to poor use of scarce expensive resources. They discuss grid-based optimization of radiotherapy patient scheduling using support-based distributed optimisation.

Marta Loureiro and team described in their poster "Grid selection of models of nucleotide substitutions" the port of the JModelTest code for grid computing using DRMAA. JModelTest is a Java programm for the statistical selection of models of nucleotide substitutions with thoursands of users around the world.

More information of all posters, in form of papers, can be achieved in the this years conference proceedings. The list of posters can be find on the HealthGrid Website.

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