Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cloudy Days

Cloud Computing is democratizing the use of resources reconceptualizing consumption models and abstracting associated computation infrastructures, a phenomenon not only from the technological point of view but also social. In fact, for several scientists, Cloud computing is more an idea than a concept... but an idea that works!.

Last time in Gramados' CLCAR 2010 was in cloudy days. Not only by the special winter of the Brazilian south, also by the oral presentations and talks related with cloud computing technology. Discussions about the integration of Grid resources into the Cloud conception of the computer services world were very lively and interesting. Cloud computing closed the HPC and Grid Computing days.

This version of CLCAR ends with a good balance. The Brazilian organization was wonderful and the scientist, students and industrial are motivated to continue participating not only in the next CLCAR at Colima, Mexico (in 2011), also they want to profit the networks made among the days of CLCAR 2010.

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