Friday, August 27, 2010

HPC and Grid Computing for the Earth Planet and Humanistic Needs

Second day in CLCAR 2010 has continued presenting HPC and Grid computing researches to environmental and planetary studies. Geo-sciences, Climatology, Bio-sciences are present in the scientific challenges of the Latin American scientific community. In fact, one of the communities with most benefits using Grid Computing platforms in Latin America has been the meteorologists.

On the other hand, after the CLARA network talk, presented by Dr. Florencio Ultreras, General Director of CLARA consortium, the LatinGrid panel was made with the participation of the main partners of Grid Computing Latin America projects: OSG (United States of America) and EELA (European Community). Many interesting points of view were exposed, such as the type of Grid Computing infrastructure to use for Latin America research needs and the integration with worldwide interests and communities. Precisely, beyond the traditional uses of Grid Computing platforms, it exists a special users community of Grid Computing opportunities in Latin America: Social Sciences Community.

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