Thursday, August 26, 2010

CLCAR 2010 in "Terra Gaúcha"

Green computing was the first scientific session of the Latinamerican Conference on High Performance Computing 2010, CLCAR 2010. High Performance Computing, Grid Computing and Distributed systems are directly involved with environmental challenges and for first time in this conference, Green computing reflections have a significant presence.

14 nationalities, (most part of the America continent) are present this year in the CLCAR 2010. In a beautiful and particular Brazilian environment. This year, during the end of the winter of the southern hemisphere, scientist and specialists in high performance computing, grid computing and the related community are gathered to discuss about their interests on technical and academical sessions. CLCAR 2010 will take place from 25 to 28 August 2010, in the city of Gramado, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The conference will be held at the Hotel “Serra Azul”, located in the heart of downtown Gramado, a beautiful village famous for its unique architecture in Rio Grande do Sul.

At same time, project leaders profit to develop contacts to future projects, people find partners and discover new cultures. In this CLCAR version, we have the possibility to explore the "Terra Gaúcha", a beautiful place and interesting culture far of the Brazilian "cliché" allowing to discover the rich culture of this great country: Brazil.

Representatives from organizing committee of the CLCAR 2010 during the opening session: Armando Jipsion (Panama), Carlos J. Barrios (Colombia), Michel Riveill (France - Chair), Flávio Wagner (Brazil), Phillipe Navaux (Brazil - Chair), Gilberto Diaz (Venezuela) and Jesus Verduzco (Mexico).

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