Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Views of SC-Camp 2010

SC-Camp 2010 finishes. After a week of theoretical and practical sessions, the organizers, instructors and students are very satisfied.

Gilberto Diaz, Associate Professor of Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela. SC-Camp 2010 Organizer and Instructor.

Jorge Ramirez, Student of Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. SC-Camp 2010 participant.

Diego Fernando Marin, Universidad Santiago de Cali, Cali, Colombia. SC-Camp 2010 Participant.

Carlos Varela, Associate Professor RPI, USA. SC-Camp 2010 Speaker.

Yiannis Georgiou, BULL France R & D Scientist. SC-Camp 2010 Organizer.

Scientific research nowadays is based on collaboration, especially in the domain of distributed computing. Synchronization and scheduling problems can lead to systems' bad performance.

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