Friday, November 5, 2010

Mapping the e-Infrastructure landscape

e-ScienceTalk is very excited to announce the release of our next GridBriefing which, given the discussions at this e-Infrastructure concertation meeting, aptly looks at the current state of Europe's e-Infrastructures.

This GridBriefing takes its cue from three recent reports: a “Blue Paper” from the e-Infrastructure Reflection group (e-IRG), a High Level Expert Group report on Scientific Data and the Distributed Computing Infrastructure Collaborative Roadmap. These all detail ways in which Europe’s e-Infrastructures can work together to provide a more integrated service for our researchers.

We're releasing this new GridBriefing to coincide with the e-concertation meeting so if you'd like to grab a copy just pick one up from the front desk. Or if you'd prefer an electronic version you can download the briefing at the e-ScienceTalk website.

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