Friday, November 5, 2010

Grid for breakfast

It is a fairly early start here in Geneva (EC projects often involve early starts and late finishes!) but there is already a good turnout to hear about the call 7 projects from Enric Mitjana from the EC and from Catherine Gater of EGI and e-ScienceTalk.

I was glad to see the project I am working on, gSLM, briefly mentioned in both talks, but also to get a sense of the other call 7 projects, some of which I've already run across at the EGI Technical Forum back in September. I'm interested to see quite how diverse the coordination and support actions are, both in terms of increasing the geographical spread of e-Infrastructure, but also bringing many new communities into the e-Infrastructure landscape.

I'm also very happy to hear iSGTW, the weekly online grid publication, will continue with a new name The Digital Scientist. I have to admit I was involved in the original name with its odd acronym, but the new name and new larger remit should make for interesting reading.

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