Friday, November 5, 2010

Quantifying Value

There have been many projects presenting at the e-concertation event (Thursday 4th - Friday 5th November 2010) and so far, what has stood out for me are projects that aim to express a tangible impact of their work. One such presentation was from a representative of the ESPRC
(Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) from the UK.
They stated that they added £16 million of gross-added value to a UK regional economy. Another example of positive results of their funding strategies was savings of £760 million for Quantum Montecarlo simulations, which cost £100,000 pounds to implement.
The ESPRC presenter finished by saying when starting any project, one of the most important elements is that you should know your user. This will help shape a project's requirements to that specific user/users. It appears that whether you are a science communicator or e-science project manager the audience is ‘key’.
There was more content that caught my attention at the event, but one thought I will leave you with was a statement from a panel member: “e-infrastructure projects are not just about hardware, software and people; in fact, the technology is just a means to an end. What is important is that the e-infrastructure project should connect the researchers involved, people outside that project’s concentric circle of individuals and wider society at large”.

Adrian Giordani

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