Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2nd Day Events

All is ready to get going with the parallel programming lectures and hands-on that take all morning of the 2nd day. Owing to the activities of the 1st day all trainees already have an account on 'Euclid', the CaSToRC cluster used for training purposes, and have written, compiled and executed simple programs using C and Fortran.

The school has grown a bit bigger due to a few late arrivals and the bulk of the trainers joining us. We now have close to 70 participants.

Paschalis Korosoglou (GRNET) gives the first lecture of the day supported by Giannis Koutsou (CaSToRC) for the hands-on activities. It's an interactive training session, with Paschalis focusing on parallelization concepts and MPI examples and the trainees asking several questions.

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