Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OpenCL Lecture

After having their interest kindled during the first, more theoretical and general, day of the school, the students spent a significant amount of the second day in hands on sessions learning how to program using OpenMP and MPI (APIs that support multiprocessing programming).

It is already Wednesday morning, and Mr. Vasnier is giving his lecture on OpenCL, another framework for writing programs for platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs and other processors. The lecture is flowing smoothly, ranging from the simple, introductory concepts of OpenCL, to more advanced and specific topics, such as tricks to boost the performance of programs.

The students seem genuinely interested in the topic of the lecture. Some of them also asked questions to make sure that they understand all the material being taught.

It is now time for the tea break, after which their knowledge in OpenCL will be tested during the two hour hands-on session.

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