Monday, February 28, 2011

e-IRG open workshop in Budapest 4-5 April 2011

The next workshop form the e-IRG is scheduled to take place on 4-5 April in Budapest, Hungary.

Themes for the upcoming workshop include:
- the role and function of e-Infrastructures in the European Research Area
- an overview of selected e-Infrastructure trends
- the cohesion and regional aspects of e-Infrastructures
- e-Infrastructure relations and partnerships, such as R&D communities and ICT activities
- e-Infrastructure aspects in preparing for the 8th Framework programme

The e-IRG workshops serve as open forums to present, debate, and consolidate best practices and policies in the field of electronic infrastructures and their services for research and education. The workshops are open to all, and function as incubators for feeding new information and trends into the e-IRG plenum work.

To register your place on the workshop simply visit the e-IRG website at

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