Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Demos, demos, demos

Today I've been wondering around the exhibition booths, looking at the various demos on display. Among them Franck Michel showed me how NeuroLOG is helping neuroscientists to share data, such as brain scans, in a secure and confidential way. NeuroLOG bridges the gap between the grid and neuroscientists, offering them a simple platform in which they can also share and use tools to analyse patient data.

I also spoke to Tung Doan (a friend of mine from Vietnam) who is currently working in France on the g-INFO portal (Grid-based International Network for Flu Observation). His project uses WISDOM, which we've reported on before, to help analyse and monitor the evolution of the flu virus.

If you're not here in person at the User Forum there's still no need to miss out. You can still catch some of the demos online. We filmed David Manset talking about the DECIDE project earlier this week and projects such as WeNMR have published their own demo videos online. You can watch that particular one below.

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