Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Never too early to start science!

That's what the recently launched GLOBAL Excursion projects aims at.
The main purpose of the GLOBAL excursion project is to enable students and teachers access to the experimental laboratories and resources of selected e-Infrastructures in order to improve science curricula by enriching schools' existing teaching and learning materials.

By connecting e-Infrastructures, resources and tools with schools, pupils can experience challenging and authentic learning scenarios. Thus, students gain insights in scientific real work and relive interest in natural science education.
This way they can also be involved in science at an earlier stage, and it can be easier for them to choose which science field they wish to dive more into.

So this entry is also a call:
GLOBAL excursion partnership is looking for scientific e-infrastructures ready to be used in virtual excursions.

If your institution hosts any infrastructure which can be remotely accessible for dissemination and training purpose, let me know!

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