Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SHIWA - LINGA: Neuroscientific Grand Challenge

Peter Kacsuk (MTA SZTAKI), and David Manset (Maat-GLINGA), are presenting us the LINGA workflow (Shiwa project).

LINGA is a challenge aiming to run across 3 international infrastructures, mixing different technologies at the same time (involving more than 2'000 CPU cores per execution cycle). It analyzes ADNI-like data from 3 continents (Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative in the US, Europe and Canada). The LINGA workflow runs the CIVET image processing pipeline onto the 3 different data sources, each of which hosted and processed within one of the participating neuroscience DCIs (i.e. neuGRID, CBRAIN and LONI). Outputs are finally rapatriated in Europe to EGI and statiscally compared along selected criteria, in order to populate distribution graphs, useful to neuroscientists.

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